Slip and Falls At Truck Stops

Slip & fall accident in Los Angeles truck stopTruck stops provide truckers with goods and services that are essential to their daily lives while the haul cargo from city to city. Many of these facilities have laundry services, showers, banking, 24-hour restaurants, lounges, extensive shopping, and overnight parking so that truckers can get some much-needed rest. Unfortunately, like any other commercial establishments, truck stops often have numerous slip and fall hazards that can cause serious injury. Fortunately for victims, a Los Angeles truck accident attorney can often help slip and fall accident victims recover for their injuries and other losses by filing a personal injury1 claim against the person or party responsible for their accident.

A variety of hazards can cause truck stop slip and falls

Truck stops can often serve thousands of customers each day. For this reason, dangerous conditions that can cause slip and fall accidents can easily develop and go unnoticed. Some of the more common kinds of hazards that are often the result of negligence2 and can cause slip and fall accidents in truck stops include the following:

  • Liquid spills
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Accumulations of snow and ice
  • Cracked pavement
  • Oil slicks in parking lots
  • Exposed electrical wiring
  • Lack of handrails in stairwells
  • Uneven stairs
  • Torn carpet
  • Slippery floors

After an accident, victims can take certain steps to ensure that they protect their legal rights. Some of the things to do after a truck stop slip and fall accident include the following:

  • Make sure that the facility‚Äôs management generates an official incident report
  • Take photographs of the hazard that you believe caused your accident
  • Get contact information from anyone that witnessed your accident
  • Undergo a thorough medical evaluation, even if you do not believe you are seriously injured
  • Call a lawyer as soon as possible

Contact a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles today to discuss your case

Individuals who are injured in truck stop slip and fall accidents often can file a legal claim to recover for their losses. Los Angeles truck accident lawyer Steven M. Sweat is a skilled litigator who is dedicated to helping truck drivers injured by the negligence of others recover for their injuries. To schedule a free consultation with a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles, call Steven M. Sweat, APC at 866-252-0735.

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